Book I of the Advanced Saga

The apocalypse has come and gone. The people of the world are divided. The Advanced—those with powerful abilities that mutated from a treatment given them. The Humans—those who would rather see the Advanced dead than have to live without their own advancements. The Purists—those who wish to remain completely human.

They are at war.

Reem Kahrin, telekinetic soldier of the Advanced, has been branded the savior of her people—the one thought to end the war that has covered the world for centuries.

She is sent to the Advanced city of Athena with teleporter Jameson Willow on secret assignment and completes a task for which her people then brand her as treasonous. Jameson teleports her from the city to save her life, and together they are on the run.

Now Reem and Jameson must fight to survive—and to keep the dream of peace alive with them.

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